We are proud to present our latest product - the Rush Bingo system. It features a live broadcast of a lottery machine from our studio.

The outcomes are delivered to player's places and are the basis for several games, each with its unique interface.
Rush Bingo is an accessible and convenient dealership product, which is suitable for variety legislations.

The lottery machine shuffles
Draws are broadcasted online
No complex algorithms or tricks
Winning is determined only by player's luck and intuition
Assurance it's live broadcast (the world news in the background of the show)
You only need to
Organize a gambling space
Setup a hardware for the show
(TV or projector connected to a computer)
Setup player's places
(slant tops, tablets and self-service terminals work great)
Deploy the software
Bring everything online
EASIA.BET offers
Flexible system of rates
Technical support
Solutions for organization, management, accounting and control of subdealers networks
Online equipment monitoring;
Lots of supported hardware.
This game allows making an express bet on 4 next draws of the lottery machine. It offers to make one roulette bet to every of the four next draws. The player wins if all the four bets win. The win ratios are multiplied. This game is interesting for some kind of players because it gives an ability to win very big prize for less money.
This game is suitable for betting license.
This game is a kind of roulette game adopted for lottery license. It looks like a lottery ticket and has less available bets in comparison to classic roulette. In extreme case it allows to put in only straight bets.
This simple game provide three options for player: he should guess if the next ball will be less, equal or higher than the last drawn ball.
The win ratios of the game are counted according to tend the RTP up to 97.3%.
It is suitable for betting licenses with strict terms.
This game is a kind of classic roulette. The possible bets are the same as in the European roulette. Additional field for placing French bets is available.
A player has to make the bets before the next draw begins.
This game is suitable for casinos and legislations where the regular gambling is permitted.