Flexible mathematical algorithms
More than 200 games available
Legal flexibility
Potential sub-dealers' network
Lots of supported hardware
Online equipment monitoring
Adaptation to players' mentality
Profitable solutions for your business based on self-service terminals
Contact us to catch the best price for a self-service terminal with our cutting-edge Unified Adaptive Platform software inside
Dimensions: 1650mm x 555mm x 490mm
Safety lock with bolt locking system set

Bill acceptor: Cash Code SM

Dispencer: Puloon LCDM 1000

Printer: Custom VKP80 Intel-based
system unit

Monitor: Acer 17"

Touch screen: General Touch 17" 6mm

Internet connection: 3G, WiFi or wired
Uninterruptable power supply unit
We can build a customized configuration for your needs according to your specificities.
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